2016 Sabie Bubble Run Dates Released

We are excited to announce the dates for this years Sabie Bubble Run. December 14-18th, 2016. The 16th (Friday) is a public holiday, so you’ll need to go ahead and schedule off Wednesday and Thursday from work, NOW!

December 14-18-2

We’ve got some new additions to this years Sabie Bubble Run that will help make things run a bit smoother along with some new partnerships to announce.

Also, to keep the quality and the intimacy of the group we will be limiting the number that attend. The event will be limited to 50 locals and an additional 15 spots will be reserved for international attendees. Those who attended the 2015 Sabie Bubble Run will get first dibs on spots.

An application will be sent out by September and a deposit will be required to book your spot.

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