What you need to know.

We are excited to announce the dates for the 2016 Sabie Bubble Run. December 14-18th, 2016. The 16th (Friday) is a public holiday, so you’ll need to go ahead and schedule off Wednesday and Thursday for work, NOW!

December 14-18-2

What is the cost of the Bubble Run?

Last year the cost of the run was just for accommodation. This year the cost will be an all inclusive price that gets you accommodation for 4 nights at Sabie River Camp, breakfast and dinner for three days (Thurs/Friday/Saturday), coffee at camp and a few other goodies.

We found out last year that with a large group organizing breakfast and dinner was a challenge and we want to make that easier. The owners of the campsite have offered to provide us with dinner at camp for Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Breakfast will be organized with certain restaurants prior to the trip to make sure they are open. Last year, we showed up to the restaurants too early and some were not able to accommodate.

Is the Sabie Bubble Run limited in numbers?

Yes. Last year there were 25 of us, and this year we will open it up to close to 50 locals (South African’s) and an additional 15 spots will be reserved for international attendees should folks want to join. Those who attended the 2015 Sabie Bubble Run will get first dibs on spots.

An application will be sent out by September and a deposit will be required to book your spot.

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Will there be a support vehicle to carry my camping gear?

No. You’re responsible for bringing your own belongings with you on your bike. The rule of the run is “If it doesn’t fit on your bike it stays behind.”

What is the history of the Bubble Run?

The Sabie “Bubble Run” began in 2014 by Joe Fleming, Leroy “Black” Tulip and Marnitz Venter. It was inspired by a few different traditional runs in the United States (The Gypsy Run and El Diablo Run) but to give it that South African flavour.

Why is it called the “Bubble Run?”

During the inaugural run the first two days were filled with rain. It was pretty miserable and our only saving grace during those days were our ‘Bubble Shields’ and the word ‘bubble’ seemed to be something that stood out to us for something we wouldn’t forget. So, we decided to call this run the Sabie ‘Bubble Run.’

What is a traditional run?

Simply put a traditional run is high milage and low drama. While the modern run is essentially a forty mile coffee run with a lot of bolt on chrome compliments. A traditional run is riding, camping and a hell of a good party. A traditional run is geared toward the rider who feels out of place at a “major rally” or anywhere you find an excess of “LIVE TO RIDE” patches.

Who is invited?

Generally? Everyone. Specifically? You. As long as you have your shit together, enjoy being around like minded folks and like to ride.

What types of bikes are allowed on the ride?

It does not matter what you ride. So long as you ride.

Where do we stay?

Sabie River Camp. The owners are awesome and love having us there. It’s a great place with plenty of camping for everyone. We asked that you please be respectful of other guests while at the campsite. Don’t be a dick.

How long is the run?

The two longest days are on from Johannesburg (to Sabie –  400km) and on the way home. The days in between tend to vary depending on the routes we choose for the day. There are a LOT of roads around Sabie for us to take advantage of.


We are currently planning the route for the run. When finished we will post.