Bubble Run Bios

When we got back from the Sabie Bubble Run, Joe Fleming (from Bonafide Studios) found himself with a lot of photos of everyone in the group. What we thought would be a great way to show them was to release a #BubbleRunBio for the 24 days leading up to the short film release on April 6th via our Instagram and Facebook page. 

The #BubbleRunBios included a photo of each person that joined us for the 2015 run, and a bit of information we may have picked up on them during the run.

All pictures were taken on a FujiFilm camera from Joe Fleming or Richard Harper. Here’s a quick video of how Joe managed to get all the pictures from his Harley Davidson Dyna. Enjoy!

Bubble Run Bios Photographer – Joe Fleming from Bonafide Studios on Vimeo.


Harley Davidson Softail

The last bio goes out to the man with the latest upgrade that’ll keep him hip-hoppin along for years to come, Leroy “Black” Tulip.

Leroy was one of the original 3 dudes that started the Sabie Bubble Run and the initiator behind getting some guys together for an adventure in 2014. He’s been a big influence with the run and how it’s all come together.

We’ve ridden thousands of kilometers together across South Africa exploring places that we’ve never seen or known about. He’s a hotrodder and petrolhead who is very knowledgeable when it comes to custom motorcycles or cars and a great person to talk to about life.

Oh, he’s also a biker at heart and that’s ok with us. We know!

2Alan Shenton
Triumph Bonneville

One of our last bios goes out to our main man Alan. Alan was a close call to make the Sabie Bubble run for a few reasons. Primarily because he was in a pretty gnarly bike accident a few months prior to the run and in need of a new whip as his old Bonneville was out of commission.

Just a few weeks leading up to the run he scored this sweet Bonneville equipped with a set of racing slicks and an appetite for rain jackets. He was a bit cautious getting back on his feet but he’s coming around.

Al’s also one of us from Bonafide Studios and the guy responsible for the editing of the Sabie Bubble Run film. In between all of his responsibilities with work and the band he worked late nights and weekends to put together this kick ass film.

Big thanks to Al for all his hard work!


Triumph Scrambler

Today’s bio goes out to our boy Yoav. He was a bit late getting to the Bubble Run after running into a few storms, a flat tire and didn’t arrive until late on Friday night.

Yoav is the guy who you can obviously see, loves his Triumph Scrambler and has traveled all over South Africa on it. His enjoyment for a scrambler has led to a few guys joining the Triumph family. Thanks for that Yoav!

He also owns Tint Post Production, who are the masterminds responsible for the grading of the Sabie Bubble Run you’ll see next week! Thanks for working your magic on our beautiful film!

3Justin Waddington
Triumph Tiger

There was an award given out during the Bubble Run called the ‘Zero F*cks Given’ award, Justin was the clear winner of it. He’s a real gentleman when you meet him and an absolute hooligan when he is on his bike. Whether he’s taking it off road or zipping through the hills it’s a sight to behold.

Justin is the proud owner of a 1960’s model Triumph Tiger, and he rides that bike better than most anyone I’ve seen. Some people might expect that with an older bike you may want to baby it a bit more. Nope. Not Justin. That bike will go wherever he tells it to go and it’s a beautiful sight to see.

Thanks for joining in with us Justin! Good day, sir!

9Marnitz Venter
Triumph Bonneville

The second bio for today goes out to the birthday boy, Marnitz Venter! He was one of the original 3 dudes who started what is now known as the Sabie Bubble Run, and one of the first few guys I met in South Africa that was involved in this culture.

Ever heard the saying “Bad news travels fast?” Marnitz sure brings this to life. Being one of the early members of the current motorcycle enthusiast scene and founder of CROSA he has an exceptional eye for detail and a strong view on how things should be done. All this coupled with some mad riding skills – That’s Bad news right there and boy does he travel fast!

4Jimmy Reynolds
GH4 Camera

It’s one thing to go out and do incredible things with a few friends and wish you would have filmed it. When you do end up documenting those adventures it can be an absolutely beautiful thing.

Jimmy Reynolds, our JediFilmmaker and dear friend, you helped show us (and everyone else) how f*cking awesome our 5 days was! Your drone skills were on point, you were a pleasure to be around and your commitment to coming with us while missing the new Star Wars premiere will not be forgotten.

Apart from Jimmy’s sterling professional portfolio, his love for anything with wheels and those that love them has resulted in his name being associated with all wheel bearing subcultures in South Africa.

Thanks for joining the family bro!



24Andrew Wessels
Ducati Scrambler

Andrew used to ride a 60-70s area BMW that putted along around town. About a week or two before the Sabie Bubble Run he bought this brand new ‪#‎DucatiScrambler‬ and we all got a message asking if he could join us on the run. HELL YES!!

We’ve never seen anyone ride with such joy while on a bike. This guy looked like he was having the time of his life in Sabie and wouldn’t leave his bike alone for one minute.

Andrew, we are so glad that you could make the trip with us and it wouldn’t have been the same without you!

19Colin Tetluk
Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe

This is “Uncle Colin” who was also called “Little Tent Colin.” Uncle Colin, got this name during the Bubble Run when some of us witnessed him reprimanding Marnitz and Matt at the campgrounds.

Uncle Colin likes to think of his Harley Davidson Softail as a bike that Johnny Cash would have customised.

He is also a lover and owner of Ducati.

We like Colin.

20Rory Hean
Vulcan Bobber

Rory is one of the few motorcycle builders/customisers in our area that we can reccommend without hesitation. Apart from having at least 5 of his sissy bars on the bubble run he is always instrumental in making sure our machines are running right.

He is a straight edge down to earth kinda guy that just loves everyhting about riding.

Neil Grantham
No Bike Yet 🙂

One of the things we didn’t plan out early was a support vehicle. Along with a support vehicle, we hadn’t quite figured out a support vehicle driver. Neal offered to be the driver for our film crew just days before embarking on a 5 day adventure.

Needless to say we don’t think Neal will be driving again this year. Safe to say that he’ll probably be on two wheels this year.

Thanks for joining our crew last year, and being an essential part of making the run successful.

Pictured: Neil Grantham riding up from Pilgrims Rest on Rick Irvings Harley Sportster!

16Matthew Pape
Triumph Bonneville

It’s safe to say that the Triumphs of the #2015SabieBubbleRun had the most fun. Whether on or off the road they really enjoyed themselves.

The two Triumph riders that stand out the most were Matt and Marnitz. Today we feature one of them, Matt. Boardering on fearless and confident Matt was a lot of fun for us to watch.

Most people would say that he spent the majority of his time arguing with @Marnitz, which wouldn’t be wrong. What we remember most about Matt was that anytime someone had an issue or problem with their bike you’d find Matt lending a hand to help them out.

Thanks for being there for us Matt!

21Gary Kemp

We had a lot of guys who purchased bikes just prior to coming on the Bubble Run with us last December.

Today’s featured rider is Gary Kemp, and he purchased this Kawasaki just a few weeks before the run. His previous bike had a smaller engine and would have struggled to keep up with the group, so he opted for this ‘ol beast!

The Gods of Mpumulanga now own his carb cover and are keeping it safe somewhere alongside the road!

Thanks for being with us Del Fuego, we hope you’re ‘Jesus Take The Wrench’ award is somewhere that everyone can see it.

23Colin Hinks
Harley Davidson Wide Glide

There were two Colins with us on the Sabie Bubble Run.

Our second featured rider for today is “Little Tent” Colin. Colin Hinks is quite a large man, and for some reason he likes to sleep in the smallest tent that he can find.

Thanks for coming along with us Little Tent, and hopefully next year you’ll treat yourself to a tent thats a bit more spacious.

17Rick Hannah
Harley Davidson Sportster

Just like there were two Colins, there was also two Ricks with us on the Sabie Bubble Run.

Our first featured rider for today is ‘Big Rick.’ He’s another one of those guys that purchased a bike just before the run. He wasn’t very keen on strapping all his camping gear to his Ducati Monster so he opted for a Harley Sportster a few weeks before we left.

Big Rick will be leaving South Africa in the next few months to head back to the UK. We’ll really miss having him around, but honestly we aren’t too sure how the Jolly Roger is going to pay their bills now that he’ll be gone.

We wish you all the best in the next chapter of your life and we hope to see you again in December for the next Bubble Run!

Photo by @KennethHarper

18Mercia Jansen

The second featured rider of the day is to our one and only Babe that joined us for the Sabie Bubble Run, Mercia.

Back in the old BMX days we used to call the girl racers ‘Powder Puffs’ and Mercia is completely powder and with all the puff. Her riding style is as versatile as she is, on and off the road. Her thorough approach to obstacles in her way and smooth riding style makes her a pleasure to ride with.

We look forward to having you and other babes with us on next years run!

22Deon Fourie 
Harley Davidson Sportster

Deon pulled such a legend move making it to the BubbleRun. He missed the first few days as he was at his brother’s wedding in the cape – he tried to get his brother to change the dates but his sister in-law wasn’t loving it. So, basically he left the reception, hopped onto a plane landed in Jozi and blasted his way up to Sabie on his HD Sportster with Rory.

Deon is pretty gung ho about taking pics with his trusty ol’Canon – we haven’t seen any of his pics yet but we’re hoping that he’ll still remember us one day when he is famous.

14Gary Knight 
Harley Davidson Sportster

Gary was really prepared for the BubbleRun, especially after RunToTheHills a few weeks prior.

He removed his low rider hardtail struts on his sportster and re-installed some rear shocks which sure kept his line super tight in the corners of the Sabie 22.

Gary is one of our coffee connoisseurs and really enjoyed Urban Grind’s coffee sponsorship. He was also one of the winners of an #AeroPress

10Rick Irving
Harley Davidson Sportster

Most groups have a RockStar in them. Well, we have one fella who we like to call RickStar. Back in the day his name on the streets was Ricky Rage but since he discovered riding bike he is as Cool as Ice. We have this saying “Don’t be a Dick, be Lekker” and that’s pretty much how Rick rolls these days, so much so that sometimes when I get worked up I ask myself WWRD (What Would RickStar Do?) He mostly rides a smoking hot trimmed out HD Sportster 72 but he is often seen getting his knee down in the Greenside bends on his Royal Einfield Cafe Racer.

13Barry Gordon-Davis
Harley Davidson Sportster

ODB Old Dirty Barry – there’s something about riding bike that Barry summed up very well. It was shortly after the Pilgrims Rest LeMans when we were all chilling on the stoep at the Royal Hotel talking about the challenges of riding a bike Off and Free-wheeling vs On and In-gear while competing to the finish line. He said it made him think back to his rugby days he calls it “the Red Mist – the imaginary competitive scent that switches a guy on when his buddy challenges him, you become like a bull!”

Although there seemed to be more ‘Red Mist’ going around with some more than others, there was a light “Red Mist’ over the BubbleRun as a whole – we all pushed ourselves a little.

8Richard Harper

Triumph Thruxton

This Easter bio goes out to the man that needs no introduction, Uncle Rich – AKA Wild Card.

Uncle Rich is pretty new to our group and when he joined in on the Bubble Run we had no idea what was in store for us. From his ‘Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe’ t-shirt to his gangster rap ring tone, this guy surprised us more and more every day.

What we appreciated most about him on the trip was the bond that grew stronger between him and his bike. On day 1 he was barely leaning into the turns, and before we knew it he was hanging right in there with the boys putting his new skill of counter-steering to use.

NOTE: His Thruxton was stock standard during the run, but that is not the case anymore.

Uncle Rich, we thank you for joining us on the Bubble Run and for always keeping us on our toes. Happy Easter big guy!

7Les Surridge

From being a legend in riding and loving his four wheelers and pretty much having ridden every fourwheeled track SA has to offer his brother in law, Paddy, asked him to join him on the BubbleRun. So Les accepted the invitation but had to find two wheels. A BMW 1200GS won his heart and after only owning her for a week or so he took her on the BubbleRun. There was some initial 4 into 2 transition time but after a few days in the Sabie/Hazyview/Graskop surrounds he and his GS were one with a massive Beeming smile every time he took off his helmet.

6Steven Helm 
Kawasaki Ninja

This next bio goes out to a guy who was too quick for us to capture while riding, Steven Helm. We often found Stevey Gonzalez waiting for us back at camp as he blasted through the hills of Mpumulamga on his ZXsomething.

Take a cruise with us next year Steve!!

Pictures: Pit stop on Graskop

12Paddy Maloney
Harley Davidson Ultra Glide

I’ve known Paddy for a few years now through my time at Joint Effort in Edenvale. Every time that Paddy came into the shop he was sure to crack you up with some laughs.

When he mentioned an interest to attend the Bubble Run I didn’t think he’d actually make it, but he did! All of us on the run would admit that it wouldn’t have been the same without him being there.

Paddy, we enjoyed your sense of humor, your love for riding, the passion you brought and the good/bad things we may have learned from you during the run.

Thanks for bringing a few guys with you and being able to carry all of their gear on your bike!

Randall Dicks11 Harley Davidson Ultra Glide

Randall laughed the entirety of the Bubble Run. Every time we looked his way you could guarantee he was laughing about something. Especially the night at the pool.

He was also one of the few that made it through the fire roads to the waterfall on a bike that wasn’t made for offroading. Could have also been that he used his air suspension to lift the bike up way above normal capacity.

At any rate, this was one of the first photos taken on a road that was a bit risky but well worth the final product.

Thanks for joining in with us Randall!