2014 SA Bubble Run Video

Last December I set out with two friends (Leroy “Black” Tulip from Black Tulip Productions and Marnitz Venter from Old Skool Trading) for a 4 day road trip to an area of South Africa I had yet to experience, Sabie.

Coming from the states there are a handful of traditional motorcycle runs (Two in particular: El Diable Run and the Gypsy Run) that we wanted to replicate somewhat. I did the EDR in 2013 with a friend of mine from Brooklyn but was never able to make my way to the Gypsy Run. With these rides on our minds we decided to put together a traditional run and make it unique to South Africa.

A traditional run is geared toward the rider who feels out of place at a “major rally” or anywhere you find an excess of “LIVE TO RIDE” patches. (Gypsy Run)

We faced a lot of rain, a lot of sun, all sorts of rad people, a handful of problems and best of all some absolutely amazing roads that blew my mind. Roads and sights that definitely rival where I’m from.

The rules for the trip were simple:
-Bring what you need for the trip on your bike
-No registration fee
-No sign up
-Camping only
-You are responsible for yourself
-Don’t be a dick
-Be respectful of other riders and people we meet
-Have fun
-Leave no man behind
-No patches allowed

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own the rights to the song nor do I intend to make money off of it. All rights to the song belong to Cavern – Liquid Liquid.

~Joe Fleming
Video courtesy of Bonafide