Help Fund the Run

This video tells the story of what the Sabie Bubble Run is, how it got it’s name and why we are asking for help to fund the documenting of the run.

The Sabie “Bubble Run” began in 2014 with Joe Fleming, Leroy Tulip and Marnitz Venter. Driven by a need to hit the mountains, inspired by traditional runs in the United States (The Gypsy Run and El Diablo Run) giving it our South African spin.

One of my goals of the 2015 run is to have it documented. Why? Because I want to make this an annual run that not only South African’s come along on, but also people from overseas. I find that the roads we will ride in Mpumulanga are some of the best in the world and I want to showcase that to not just the people that attend, but to those who have no idea what treasures South Africa holds.

In order to get this properly documented I’ve hired a filmmaker from Durban, Jimmy Reynolds (Check out Vimeo account). Jimmy shoots some amazing footage and I know he’s the right person for the job. He is going to provide us with 60-90 second bios of the people and their bikes that attend, a 3 minute, a 2 minute film and a handful of short clips just for fun that we will distribute out on social media and to motorcycle publications around the world.

The purpose of this message is that I’m asking YOU for help to fund the documenting of the Bubble Run.

Would you be so kind to donate to the Bubble Run? If yes we will reward you (depending on your level of commitment) with some Bubble Run goodies that I’m working on (Limited edition poster by Adam Hill, Bubble Run caps, shirts and printed bandanas) for supporting the cause.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this message and in case you aren’t quite sold on donating I hope that the video will change your mind.
To help fund the Bubble Run or for more information contact Joe Fleming (