How To Make A Bed Roll

My bed roll strapped to the back of my sissy bar during last years Bubble Run.

My bed roll strapped to the back of my sissy bar during last years Bubble Run.

For last years Sabie Bubble Run I packed my bedding stuff into a ‘bed roll.’ It kept all my bedding together nicely and it saved me some storage room by mounting it to the back of my sissy bar. Leaving the front of my sissy bar open to other gear that I can lean back on to. I found it useful to have with me and thought I would pass this information along to you as well. Use it. Don’t use it. Change it as you see fit.
Note: I’m no outdoors expert (I was in the military) and I give zero guarantees about this working for you. If you fuck it up, that’s on you. This is just my way of helping you relieve some stress when it comes time to pack up your shit for the trip.

What is a bed roll?

A bed roll is all of your bedding needs rolled up into one. It is really simple to put together, easy to carry on a bike and can be customised for your own needs. The following is just my recommendations and what I used to keep me comfortable.

  • Wool/Mexican Blanket: Used to wrap all the items together. It also wicks away some moisture from the sleeping bag if you get caught in the rain during your ride into camp. It won’t keep it completely dry but you’d be surprised.
  • Sleeping Pad: Gives you an added layer of padding from the ground. These vary in price and can be found at any of your local camping stores. Tip: Use a yoga mat if you can’t quite afford one.
  • Sleeping Bag: Temperatures may dip a bit low at night so curling up into a sleeping bag to stay warm is ideal after a long day out on the road. Tip: Check out Checkers camping section. I picked one up last year for R350 and it’s perfect for the temperatures around here.
  • Bungie Chord: You’ll need two of these to help secure the roll together. Tip: These can be substituted for nylon straps, 550 chord or whatever you may find works well to secure it all together.

How to Make a Bed Roll


Step 1: Lay out your mexican/wool blanket flat as possible.


Step 2: Place your sleeping pad in the centre of the blanket


Step 3: Place your Sleeping Bag onto the centre of the sleeping pad.


Step 4: Fold one side of the blanket over so that the fold lines up with the outside of the sleeping pad.


Step 5: Do the same with the other side


Step 6: Roll that shit up


Step 7: Hold it tight


Step 8: Grab your bungie chord


Step 9: Rap the bungie chord as tightly as possible around the roll.

That’s it. Now your bed roll is ready to rock.

Recommendation: I prefer to have the bed roll strapped to the back of my sissy bar or you can also mount it to your handlebars above your headlight.