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DAY 1 – JHB To Sabie

Wednesday December 16th (Public Holiday)[/x_text]Hey[x_text class=”center-text “]This is the longest stretch of riding that we do. From Johannesburg to Sabie on day 1 and day 5.

There is a decent amount of highway until we get off at Dublin. Once outside of Dullstroom we hit the nice roads through Long Tom Pass. [/x_text][x_text class=”center-text “]

Days 2-4

[/x_text][x_text class=”center-text “]At this point we really don’t set an agenda for what routes to take. I think we will play them by ear.

There are plenty of different routes for us to take while we are there. These few maps are just a few of our recommended routes while there. Some days will have more riding than others. [/x_text]

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