The Dudes

[x_text]During last years Bubble Run there were only three of us that actually made it. There was Leroy, Marnitz and myself.

I’d say that we’re all pretty different characters in our own right and I think thats what made this run so much fun. We also didn’t really know each other that well at the time.

Leroy is the big teddy bear, peaceful kind of guy, who also rides a Harley. Marnitz is the big, tough, Afrikaans guy who’s one of the many in our group that ride’s a Triumph.

Leroy and I had similar mind sets when it came time for preparation for the trip. We both had done a checklist and planned out exactly what we were going to take along for the trip. We even posted our ride preparation photos to Instagram (Leroy) (Joe).

Marnitz on the other hand was a bit different. He had been out the night prior and got just a few hours of sleep. He showed up with a bag, wrapped in a trash bag, that was strapped down to his seat and was eventually was hanging off the side of his bike. Zero fucks were given, but he showed up ready to ride off to Sabie.

Regardless of who we are or how we prepped for the ride we all had one thing in common. We were stoked for the adventure ahead of us![/x_text]